About Sim Racing Paddock

Sim Racing Paddock

Sim Racing Paddock was founded in the end of 2014, and has established itself as one of the premier Sim Racing Media Outlets in North America. Our goal for Sim Racing Paddock is to be a hub for the community, where we can all gather together and have a good time.

The word “Paddock” is derived from from Horse Racing, and described the area where horses were gathered. The term evolved to become relevant for Auto Racing, and it’s advanced beyond just the place that cars are gathered. It’s also where Drivers and Crews gather, talk about the race, and have a good time. Drivers meet up, have interviews with the media, trade tricks and tips, and interact with their team.

That mentality is behind my goal for the site, to be a place for Sim Racers to gather, talk about races/hardware/software, and have a fun time!

In addition, we have our Youtube Channel, where we do all sorts of Racing videos! We showcase a variety of different racing titles, hardware, and more, for your enjoyment. Be sure to check it out!

I don’t want this to be just “The William Marsh Show”, and over time, I would love to build up a larger team of community members, making videos, writing posts, sharing their opinions, and so on.