Ferrari is one of the legendary names in racing, and has historically been a dominant force in Formula One. Part of that has been attributed to drivers training on simulators. Most notably, the team utilizes rFactor Pro as a training tool for the Formula One team. Now, Ferrari fans in Italy will be able to get a taste, via a new simulator center opened up in Milan.

If you visit the Ferrari Store in Milan, you will now see four new motion racing cockpits running on a modified version of Assetto Corsa. It appears that the car used in the simulation is the Lotus Exos T125 (S1), since I never saw the car enter 7th gear.

What I’m thinking is that, while rFactor Pro is used as the training tool, Assetto Corsa is the better choice for the community. Since rFactor Pro is just the simulation base, Ferrari had to construct proprietary content. However, Assetto Corsa comes as a full package, with many Formula One circuits available in a laser-scanned state.


In related simulator news, Porsche has opened new facility at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. In addition to a 1.6 mile Driver Development track, there are multiple racing simulators running on an rFactor base.