Derek Speare Teases Upcoming Products


Derek Speare Designs is one of the most well regarded Sim Racing peripheral manufacturers, featuring a wide variety of content, ranging from button boxes to high end shifters and pedals, including pioneering the 3D printed accessory market. It also looks like DSD is ready to put out his next batch of products, so he has teased some upcoming products he is considering producing!

Some of the items that are in the running feature a custom wheel rim, load cell pedal for Logitech pedals, load cell mini handbrake, and new button boxes and wheel panels:

From the iRacing Forums:

Here are some new components under consideration for release:

DSD CSL Panels for the CSL Elite Wheel (special thanks to Bobby Jonas for his great help!)

DSD Vector Button Controller:

Drop in Load Cell kit for the Logitech G25/27 Pedals:
Note: I originally developed this idea about 6 years or so and gave the idea and parts sources to fellow iRacing Erik Potvin of Canada. He even wrote up a “How To” guide and published it here. What we’ve done with the idea is to make it so the conversion is fully “Drop In”. No Logitech parts are modified so the customer receives all of our parts to make the pedals pressure based. The load cell in this component is a 200kg one, so it should hold up well.

The DSD Type 4 Handbrake:
Uber Compact and also incorporates the ideas in the pedal conversion noted above. This is is really cool and no bigger than a paperback book!

DSD Formula Wheel System USB – Bolts right onto a Logitech G27:
Note: Yes, we can make other wheel rims and for the AFW, TM Wheels, OSW and AFW. The one above is one of our prototypes. Any wheel we’d make would be a bolt-on-and-go-just-plug-into-USB type. Outsourcing the production to an expert wheel builder is also an idea I have for facilitate the release of this.

So since these are in various states of *sooness*, they may or may not come to fruition.

Derek has also opened a poll for the community to vote on what they want to see next. As of right now, the Formula Rim is a clear frontrunner, with 41% of the vote.

What component would you want to see Derek Speare bring? Let us know!