R3E Fabcar 935 Previews


A few weeks ago, we had an interesting preview for RaceRoom Racing Experience of a car that looked suspiciously like a Porsche 935 Group 5 race car. Now, we have a concrete announcement, that the Fabcar 935 will be recreated in the sim. While Porsche is still under wraps by EA , Sector3 has decided to get the Fabcar-designed car for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

FABCAR was started in 1977 by Dave Klym. The specific 935 being brought to R3E is the 1984 Fabcar 935-84. This car was made by Dave for Bob Akin Racing. At the time, the Fabcar 935-84 was the fastest 935 ever made. The 935-84 used Derek Bell’s wrecked 935L as a base, and was fitted with a twin-turbo Flat-6 engine, which made 800 horsepower. The car finished 2nd overall in the 1983 3-hour race at Daytona.

There is no release date yet for the car, but it should be coming soon. The Coca-Cola livery is featured in the previews, but there will be more liveries available for the car once it is released (Thanks to Jay Ekkel for the information!). Whether they are based on real 935 liveries or fictional creations remain to be seen.

It appears that even more Group 5 cars will be coming to R3E, so stay posted to this site, and I will keep you in the know of the latest going on!

Are you looking forward to the Fabcar 935-84 coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience? Let us know in the comments below!