Saturday, February 29, 2020

Open Wheel Cars Coming to R3E!

While RaceRoom Racing Experience is quite a fleshed out racing simulation, one thing has been sorely lacking from the content side: open wheel race...

RaceRoom Racing Experience – Nordschleife Preview

Sector3 Studios was the third major PC sim developer to announce a laser-scanned rendition of the Nurbugring Nordschleife. We've seen some preview images of the...

R3E Audi Sport TT Cup Announced

Sector3 Studios has announced that they have collaborated with Audi Sport to bring the Sport TT Cup to RaceRoom Racing Experience. The Audi Sport TT...

RaceRoom: Group 5 Review

With the release of the Group 5 Pack for R3E, Sector3's latest pack promises a diverse racing experience. How does it stack up? Find out in our review!

R3E: Group 5 Pack Released

After weeks of teasing and showing previews, Sector3 Studios has released the highly anticipated Group 5 Pack for RaceRoom Racing Experience. This release adds...

R3E: Group 5 Pure Sound Teaser

Group 5 Race Car Sounds in Action! Sector3 Studios is known for making some of the best sounding cars in all of sim racing, and...

R3E: More Group 5 Previews

The next release for RaceRoom Racing Experience will bring more group 5 race cars to Sector3 Studios' sim. After a steady trickle of previews,...

R3E Salzburgring Previews

Sector3 Studios is looking like one of the most active developers in sim racing, with a ton of content in the pipeline, and a...

R3E GTR2 Pack and American Track Pack Released

Sector3 Studios has released two new packs for RaceRoom Racing Experience: the GTR2 Car Pack as well as the American Track Pack. Note that...

R3E Greenwood Corvette Gr 5 Coming

One of the disciplines that is set to expand in RaceRoom Racing Experience is the historic Group 5 series. As of right now, they...