rFactor 2 Tire Development Blog Released


While rFactor 2 is quite possibly one of the most advanced consumer racing simulation titles on the market, its attach rate is quite less compared to its rivals in the industry. One of the notable reasons is due to there being not as many third-party content for the simulation, with many developers electing to go for the more modder-friendly Assetto Corsa.


One of the reasons developers have said that rFactor 2 is so difficult to make content for is due to the complexity of the tire model used in the sim. With the advancements in how the tires are modeled, with features such as carcass flex, rubber pickup, and flat spots, tire development has become more difficult for the third party community.

Many members of the rFactor 2 community have eagerly awaited the release of the “Tire Development Blog”, explaining how to create tires for rF2, and now Michael Borda has released Part 1 of his series of posts!

Read Michael Borda’s Tire Development Post

While I could easily pretend I fully understand everything Michael is talking about in the post, I think I’ll just stick with the “Smile and Nod” approach. In this post, Michael utilizes the In-Development Brabham BT44B to discuss the nuances of making as realistic a tire as possible.


I believe this series could be a great tool to help communities bring more cars into rFactor 2. However, the question remains, is this too little too late? I believe that is not the case, because some of rFactor’s greatest cars came 3-5 years after the initial release of the sim. rFactor 2 was released in 2013, 3 years ago. With mods such as Endurance Series, CART Factor, and more coming to rF2, We have an exciting future for it.

Tire Development Brabham BT44B

If you want to test out the latest version of the car mentioned in the Tire Development Blog, the Brabham BT44B has been updated to version 0.66, adding the new tire model, a driver model, and two liveries. I tested out the 0.2 version of the car, and enjoyed it quite a bit, so I’d give this car my recommendation for classic F1 fans.