rFactor 2 – Nissan GT-R GT500 1.2 and Build 1108 Update 2

Nissan GT-R GT500 rFactor 2

Last year, we FINALLY got the release of the Nissan GT-R GT500 Super GT race car as a surprise Christmas gift. While it was a long awaited release, it was in a semi-uncompleted state, which prompted Studio 397 to announce that they would be releasing an update for the car in the near future. We now have that update, which has fixed quite a few issues with the car.

One notable gripe that people had with the car was the sounds. It sounded like S397 used the Formula Renault 3.5’s sounds for the car, which isn’t representative of the real car’s sounds. Now, with this update, we have overhauled sounds, with the help of Rick Shoenmaker. Ales Ogrinc helped improve the 3D model, including reflections, backfire effects, headlight lens flares, and more. New tire compounds, liveries, and more round out the car’s update.

In addition, we have the release of the Build 1108 Update 2, which addresses some minor issues. One notable addition is a new way that templates are distributed for painters. Once a car is installed, the template for the car will be loaded into a “Templates” folder. NOTE: You will want to copy the template file, to avoid the file being overwritten when the car updates.

Below you can find the changelog for the Nissan GT-R GT500 and the update. I have tested the car for myself, and it does feel like a significant update, and I’m enjoying it! You can download the update for the car yourself via the Steam Workshop.

Nissan GT-R GT500 1.2 Update


  • Added a completely new pack of sounds that should be a lot closer to the way the original car sounded.


  • Added additional tyre compounds, the car now has soft, medium, hard, intermediates and full wet compounds.
  • Added additional rim types to reflect the ones used by the different teams.
  • Added fluorescent shader for digits on the dashboard.
  • Added backfire graphics.
  • Fixed a gap between the driver helmet and the body.
  • Fixed tyres going through the fenders when under load.
  • Updated body 3D shape, adding a missing floor, correcting the front fender shape and some smaller tweaks.
  • Updated icons.
  • Improved cockpit textures on the fans, door handles and several other small details.
  • Improved body reflections.
  • Improved level of detail (LOD) models.
  • Improved exhaust model and textures.
  • Improved windows in cockpit view and added the missing side windows.
  • Improved liveries.
  • Improved headlights, now with lens flares.


  • Added new tyre compounds to match those added to the graphics.
  • Updated a few garage settings.
  • Slightly tweaked the AI physics.

Code (Build 1108 update 2)

  • Added code that allows car modellers to tweak the body roll for AI physics to ensure tyres don’t go through fenders graphically.
  • Introduced a simple mechanism for distributing templates with cars (which will end up in a “Templates” folder until the new UI is released).
  • Fixed a problem where the launcher accidentally URL encoded passwords, making it impossible to join servers with certain characters in the password.