rFactor 2 – March ’17 Roadmap Update

rFactor 2 Road Map March 17

Studio 397 has released their March Roadmap Update, which showcases what is currently in development for rFactor 2. This latest summary also gives us a look at the Radical brand of cars, which is in development for the sim.

Unfortunately, it sounds like S397 is going to be a little behind on their rollout of the DirectX11/VR/New UI, missing the Q1 2017 mark. They are looking to make sure that the new engine will be done right, and that the third party community will get acclimated as quickly as possible. Studio 397 is looking for MAY 1ST as their date to roll out the new update.

In turn, we have more previews of the DirectX11 engine in action (well, suspended action via screenshots). One new addition to the sim is Post Processing effects (likely similar to what is used in Assetto Corsa), to bring a more dynamic visual look, to prove it’s more than “Just a Blue Filter”.

Also, as mentioned before, we got the first look at the Radical SR3 RSX in rFactor 2. In October 2016, the Radical partnership was announced, and this is our first look at the car in the sim. The car, powered by a Suzuki Inline 4 engine producing 210 horsepower, the car features a top speed of 155 mph. With a 0-60 speed of 3.1 seconds, this car definitely rockets up to speed!

Lastly, we have a new sneak peak of the menus, namely the way setups are going to work in the new UI. The setup screen looks to go much further in-depth, which I think is a great step forward.

It looks like rFactor 2 is definitely going in the right direction! What do you think of the latest news update?