rFactor 2 – Improved Rain Teased at SimRacing Expo

rFactor 2 Rain

The SimRacing Expo is bringing us a LOT of news! First, the new wheel from Fanatec, and now RaceDepartment has given us a peek at a new improvement coming to rFactor 2!

RaceDepartment shared a photo of the rFactor 2 booth at the SimRacing Expo, and at first glance, it would seem rather weird. However, look at the lower left corner, and you’ll notice something rather exciting, in the form of improved rain effects!

In rFactor 2, there is dynamic weather, but the visual effects for it were quite poor. For example, there was no raindrops on the windshield/windows, which was disappointing, considering this preview shot from 2010 had solid looking water on the windshield. Now, Studio 397 is looking to improve the visual fidelity of rain in their sim, and this is our first taste! Hopefully more previews will find their way, and I could get some official word on it from S397 themselves.

rFactor 2 rain

EDIT: Another screenshot has popped up, with the Bentley GT3 race car at NOLA Motorsports park in the rain! It also includes realistic wet track textures and puddles! If Studio 397 could bring aquaplaning to the sim, that would make it truly one of the best wet weather driving titles out there!

It’s great seeing Studio 397 continuing to breathe new life into rFactor 2. What do you think? Let us know!

  • Jonathan Uyan

    Tire physics and specifically the contact patch of a tire is the hardest part of simulating the race car behaviour on a pavement. There are still unknown and hard to calculate forces effecting contact patch in real time physics that programmers are struggling with. Adding an “aquaplaning” to that would probably be the last thing they want right now.

    When a car hits a water puddle it may hit it with both front tires or with only one side. And since the depth of water is different after the fronts splash most of it, what happens when the rears hit the same spot? Adding all these variables to an already unfinished tire model is not going to happen I would guess. But one day it would be nice to see that happening.

    • Ism Ael

      Having a decent approximation of aquaplaning is preferable by a long shot to not having aquaplaing at all AND having rain at the same time. Really weird.

      And that’s not even talking about the rain without raindrops on the windscreen.

  • falchulk

    The dx11 beta of Rfactor 2 is all around better in the graphics department. This is just natural progression.