rF2 – Endurance Series DX11 Previews

Endurance Series DX11 Previews

Recently, Studio 397 rolled out their DirectX 11 beta, showing off the next chapter for the racing sim. With it in it’s early stages, one minor “hiccup” is that each car and track needs to be re-optimized for the new rendering engine. We now are seeing third party group EnduRacers releasing some previews of their Endurance Series mod for rF2, newly optimized for DX11.

The previews for the mod are taken at Silverstone, which has already went through an optimization for DX11. The screenshots do look quite impressive, most notably the depth-of-field effects.

This is just first word from EnduRacers, but it is good to see that the Endurance Series mod is making its way to DX11 optimization. With the nature of the mod, I’m curious to see if they are going to be rolling out the optimization on a car-by-car basis, or if they will update the full mod. I’m definitely hoping for the latter of the two, and that appears to be the case, because of the previews showing off multiple cars.

There is no confirmation of when the Endurance Series DX11 update will be coming, but it’s promising to see this in-game. What are your thoughts on these new previews? Let us know!