Corvette C6 Released for rFactor 2


Image Space Incorporated has released the second car in their collaboration with Some1 (also known as Siim Annuk) for rFactor 2. The Chevrolet Corvette C6, originally released for rFactor in 2012, is the second car in the “Third Party Affiliates” program for rFactor 2.

Corvette rF2

The Corvette C6 mod for rFactor was regarded to as one of the greatest road cars for ISI’s sim, and featured physics designed by Niels Heusinkveld. The full mod was converted to rFactor 2, and incorporates all the tech advancements, including the dynamic tire model and chassis flex. There is even a special “Police” configuration of the Corvette ZR1 which allows you to patrol the racetrack for speeders!

I’ve been doing some testing with the Corvette, and I have to say, it is a step above the original rFactor’s version. I have a much better feel of what the car is doing, and I can usually place the car where I want it. That doesn’t mean that the car is easy to drive though, you still have a big V8 engine under the hood. If you are too eager with the gas pedal, then you will be quickly facing the wrong way.

You can download the C6 Corvette from rFactor 2’s downloads page. Each configuration is a seperate component file, so you don’t need to download all the models if you only want a specific one. Each download is around 100MB, so if you download all four, you’re looking at around 400 megabytes.

Have you given the Corvette a spin in rFactor 2 yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!