Game Stock Car: Ortona Kart Preview


Reiza Studios has released a new preview video featuring a new track coming to Game Stock Car Extreme. Ortona is a 1.5 km kart circuit located in Italy, that will be coming to Game Stock Car Extreme via a free update. The track looks quite fun, and I’m excited to give it a spin when it’s released in the near future.

While much hasn’t been officially announced for Game Stock Car Extreme’s next update (v1.25), but we have been fed some previews. One of the most notable was released around 2 months ago, featuring new tire and wing physics. Reiza Studios keeps pushing the ISIMotor 2 engine to the absolute limits, and when they reach it, they actually make new limits (they’ve started recoding the engine). It is staggering, seeing how much Reiza’s putting into the sim for us, free of charge!

Game Stock Car 1.25 Preview

The Game Stock Car Extreme v1.25 update will hopefully be coming in the near future, and will feature two new types of karts, at least 3 new circuits, and who knows what else. The update will bring updated tire physics, which includes flat-spotting, tire flexing, and dirt pickup. The wings on open wheel race cars will also have flexing, which is portrayed both visually and in the physics.

Are you looking forward to the Game Stock Car Extreme version 1.25 update? Have you given GSCE a spin? If not, WHY?! It’s likely one of the best “Bang for your buck” sims out. Check it out!