Game Stock Car Extreme Now On Steam


After a lot of buildup (and some delays), Reiza Studios has released Game Stock Car Extreme on Steam! This launch on the digital distribution platform coincides with the release of the version 1.25 update, which will bring even more content and features to the sim.

The 1.25 version update features two new vehicles (the Metalmoro MR18 prototype and GX390 Rental Karts), and 3 circuits (Johannesburg Historic [Kyalami], Ortona [4 Layouts], and Goiana 2014-).

There have also been extensive under-the-hood updates to the sim, including improvements to the tire model. The tires now can flat-spot, and can pick up dirt when the car goes off track. This is a testament of Reiza’s ability to push the envelope further with Game Stock Car Extreme, blasting through the known boundaries of the ISIMotor2 engineEDIT: These actually have been postponed for a later build. My apologies. However, you can see this preview video to see what to expect in later builds of Game Stock Car Extreme.

For the full list of changes and additions, check out the changelog below. You can now order Game Stock Car Extreme from Steam for $29.99, or if you already own the sim, you can redeem your purchase for a Steam Key. Have you given Game Stock Car Extreme a go on Steam yet? Let us know!

[accordion_item title=”Game Stock Car Extreme 1.25 Update Info”]GSC Extreme v1.25 is out – now also on Steam!

Steam Release Info

If you already own it you may now switch your Serial Number for a Steam key from the official GSC Extreme website:

This is valid for purchases made from release until yesterday (February 9th). New non-Steam purchases will NO LONGER warrant Steam keys.

Existing NonSteam installs will continue to work even if you do switch your Serial Number for a Steam key, but you will not be able to use the Serial Number again for an install in a fresh system.

Moving to Steam is recommended, but not required. Just like in this release, the plan is to continue updating both versions simultaneously. If you do prefer to keep multiple installs of the game for mods, be advised that for now is not possible with Steam.

INSTALLATION (Non-Steam users):

Update to v1.25 by running GSC Sync.

Main changelog for v1.25:



  • Added Metalmoro MR18 Prototype series
  • Added GX390 rental karts to KARTS series


  • Added Johannesburg Historic
  • Added Ortona (4 layouts)
  • Updated Goiânia to post-2014 reform

Features & fixes:

  • Extensive audio revision from new onboard & trackside recordings bring updated sounds to all cars;
  • Tyre physics updates for all cars further improving lateral / longitudinal force combining;
  • Adjusted terrain properties (road, curbs, grass & gravel)
  • The hard compound for the F-Extreme & F-Reiza now has its proper orange Pirelli sidewall label;
  • Corrected bug with corrupted textures in the F-Vee cockpit when running graphics detail lower than max;
  • Corrected bug with Spielberg & Buenos Aires corrupted textures when running graphics detail lower than max;

Known issues:

Several code-related issues reported from v1.21 are still present in this build, as the code is going through a rewrite which has not been completed in time for v1.25. For that reason v1.25 has the following known issues:

  • Bug in the scoring in championship mode for all series;
  • F-Extreme can occasionally disappear when hitting 8th gear in multiplayer;
  • F-Extreme & F-Reiza tyre restrictions are not applying in pitstops.

Among other minor issues which are known and will be addressed in the coming weeks, along with the adittion of other features previously expected for v1.25.

For issues installing / running / setting up GSCE, please refer to our FAQ first before posting.[/accordion_item]