Automobilista September Development Update

Automobilista's next update, with the new Brit Pack DLC, is coming in the upcoming week

Automobilista Brit Pack

Automobilista v1.1 Coming Soon

Automobilista is one of the most active racing sims in terms of development speed, and they have plenty of exciting things on the horizon! One notable content addition soon will be the Brit Pack, which will be released next week. We now have the September Development Update from Reiza Studios, giving us an idea on what to expect next week, as well as some new optimizations to the sim.

On the simulation side, we are going to be seeing some visual updates to get more performance out of the title. New shaders and a new Ambient Occlusion mapping technique will bring significant visual gains. Reiza also claims that this will have no negative impact on the frame rate, which is a great thing. In fact, some of the more troublesome cars should be running better than ever.

On the slight downside, Steam Achievements won’t make it to the next update of Automobilista. They will likely be coming to the sim in an upcoming version.

Brit Pack DLC

This next week will see the release of the Brit Pack DLC, after over a month in development. This is the FIRST paid DLC to be made available for Automobilista, but it will be including quite a bit of content:


  • Ultima GTR Road Version
  • Ultima GTR Race Version
  • F-Trainer (Novice & Advanced Versions)
  • MCR Sports 2000
  • Caterham 270R (Includes 270R Academy Version)
  • Caterham 360R (Includes Superlight Series)
  • Caterham 620R (Who the heck could handle a race version of THIS?!)


  • Brands Hatch
  • Cadwell Park
  • Oulton Park

It is worth noting that the Ultima GTR and Caterhams are planned to be featured in both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive variants. These will likely NOT be available in the 1.1 update, but will come in version 1.2.

The Brit Pack DLC for Automobilista will be released sometime in the next week. The pack will be available for $19.99. However, I would highly recommend shelling out the extra $5 for the Season Pass, which will net you ALL AMS DLC releases, as well as access to the beta!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming DLC for Automobilista? Let us know!