Project CARS – Launch Trailer Released


Well, it’s almost here. After years of anticipation, Project CARS is a mere two days away! Bandai Namco has released the launch trailer, to the tune of some pretty awesome music from deadmau5.

Some things did not sit right with me in this trailer, to be honest. One thing I could tell is that some of the car sounds in the trailer were clearly dubbed (like in various Gran Turismo 5 trailers). One example is the Formula A car. I know for a fact that, when I drove it a couple days ago, it sounded nothing like that trailer (which sounds like a TV cam from a real F1 car). Either some major changes occurred yesterday, or there is some extensive post processing in the video.

There are some other big news for PCARS as well. One notable thing is that the title is now able to be pre-loaded onto your PC! If you have Project CARS pre-ordered, you can download it now on Steam. You will not be able to play it until May 7th, but you will have it loaded on your system so you’ll be ready come launch.

Another significant milestone is that, for Junior WMD members and Team Members, their early access has been revoked. They will need to purchase the title and will not be allowed to play until the launch on May 7th. Note that Junior Members will be given a 25% discount, and Team Members will be given 50% off. Full Members and above will not need to pay for the full title.

Are you going to be ordering Project CARS when it’s released? Let us know in the comments!