Project CARS: More Tracks Highlighted

Project CARS Laguna Seca

While Project CARS is in a unique position with the Closed Beta system to members of the community, a lot of aspects are still shrouded in mystery. We are seeing a steady flow of news from Slightly Mad Studios, revealing cars and tracks coming to the racing title. Now, SMS has highlighted four more tracks coming to the sim, showing off some of the diversity in the locations.

Project CARS Laguna Seca

First off we have Laguna Seca, which is one of my local circuits. The track is deceptive, tricking you into thinking it will be simple, but can be a serious challenge to drivers. The circuit is riddled with elevation changes, including the famous “Corkscrew” corner, dropping you 5 1/2 stories (59 feet). Laguna Seca prioritizes momentum, forcing you to drive with precision.


Donington Park is also a very popular circuit to grace racing sims. Slightly Mad Studios has had a history putting the British circuit in its titles, including the GTR/Race series back when they were 10tacle Studios. I’ve done some testing of the circuit in the Beta, and it definitely encapsulates the feel of former titles, and brings back fond memories.


Snetterton is a newer circuit, with the latest configurations of the track dating to 2011. In turn, the track has not really been represented in racing video games. Project CARS will be featuring the circuit when it releases in March, including all 3 configurations. The course is known for being a good track for both road racing and motorcycle racing.


One other track that has been announced previously is the legendary Le Mans circuit. Home of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the circuit will feature not only the full configuration, but also the shorter “Le Circuit Bugatti”. Project CARS announced full support for the iconic endurance race, so we will have some great race cars to go with the circuit.

These are only some of the locations that have been revealed, with a full list available here. Note that the list will be updated regularly, so stay tuned to this site and the Project CARS official site to stay in the know for what’s going on with the upcoming racing title.

What are your thoughts on these latest circuits being announced for Project CARS? Let us know in the comments below!