Project CARS 2 – TeamVVV Interview With Ben Collins


The big PR Push for Project CARS 2 is now live, with the title being just a month away from its September 22nd release! A new video surfaced from Alan Boiston of TeamVVV, featuring an interview with The Stig Ben Collins!

Ben Collins is a race car and stunt driver, was most notable for his stint as the White Stig on the British Top Gear show. Replacing the Black Stig (British racing driver Perry McCarthy), Collins served as the Tame Racing Driver from 2003 to 2010. In 2010, he was let go ahead of the release of his autobiography. Since then, he has gotten back into racing cars, and has worked as a stunt driver for films such as 007 and the Fast and the Furious.

Collins has also served as a Physics and Handling Consultant for Slightly Mad Studios. He has worked with the team to help make the physics believable to the end user for Project CARS 2. With the introduction of new disciplines such as drifting and RallyCross, I’m hoping that Ben Collins can really help with improving the physics over PCARS 1!

I think this interview is worth the watch, even for just learning more about the man behind the (second) Stig!

What did you think about the interview? Do you think Ben Collins’ involvement will help improve PCARS 2?