Project CARS 2 – Rallycross and GT3 Preview


We have a new preview of Project CARS 2 from GameRiot, showcasing nearly 13 minutes of gameplay! In this video, we get a look at a RallyCross race at Daytona International Speedway, using part of the infield road course. We also get a Rallycross preview from Hell, Norway (also featured in DiRT 4), which looks quite good as well. Lastly, we have a GT3 race at the Red Bull Ring, featuring the Acura NSX GT3 race car.

Rallycross will be one of the new additions to the sophomore outing in the Project CARS series, and it looks to compete with the offering in DiRT 4, which is due out this June. Slightly Mad Studios looks to be properly implementing real-world Rallycross rules, including the “Joker Lap”, which requires racers to take one “detour lap” during the race.

Similar to my impressions of Project CARS 2, GameRiot has stated that they feel Project CARS 2 is a solid step forward from its predecessor, and provides a more fleshed out racing experience. Judging from this footage, it looks like the AI has also seen a noticeable improvement, which is a positive thing as well.

Project CARS does not have an official release date, but speculation is pointing towards the title being released this Fall. What are your thoughts on this new gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments!