More Press Coverage of Project CARS 2


Just yesterday, we saw the new trailer for Project CARS 2 and we’re starting to see more press coverage. With this, we’re starting to get our first idea of all the next Slightly Mad Studios title will bring.

Alan of TeamVVV attended a Project CARS media event at Bandai Namco UK, where he was able to sit down Andy Tudor of Slightly Mad Studios for an interview. The video covers multiple topics, including the addition of “Loose Surface Racing” and the implementation of LiveTrack 3.0 (which I mentioned in my preview post yesterday). I won’t spoil the full interview, but I recommend giving it a watch!

High end Sim Racing manufacturer Vesaro was also in attendance at a Project CARS media event, this time located in Sweden. The UK-based company brought their “Stage V” simulator to the event, which featured a direct drive steering wheel, a D-Box Based motion system, and an Oculus Rift CV1 headset.

The setup looks quite similar to what was shown off in the San Francisco Bandai Namco event, but that event featured the CXC Simulations Motion Pro II cockpit. The demo software looks to be identical though, showing off the same three scenarios:

  • “Fuji” – A three lap race around Fuji Speedway, using the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT GT3 race car, under clear conditions.
  • “Live Track” – A three lap race around Fuji Speedway, using the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. The race event would start raining around halfway through the first lap, and then would clear up coming to the final lap.
  • “Ice Race” – A three lap race around an ice racing course in Sweden.

Lastly, we have some direct capture gameplay footage from some of the press media events. Checkpoint TV has brought some PCARS 2 footage in 1440p at 60 FPS, showing off the three events I just listed above. He also has an interview with Stephen Viljoen, the Game Director of Project CARS, split into three parts. I’ll link to the three parts below as well.

Needless to say, we have a LOT of new information on Project CARS 2! What do you think of the new influx of information? Let us know!