New Project CARS 2 Preview Showcases Race Engineer


Project CARS 2 is just a couple months away, and we’re starting to drown in preview footage of the title, thanks to what seems to be a slightly lenient embargo on preview footage. While it can be difficult to sift through all the footage, there are a few gems in the mix, like this new preview from Mrsteeljockey, showcasing the “Race Engineer”.

One common trend in racing sim titles has recently ben “explaining” what setup adjustments do to the car. Previously, setup adjustments had to be learned by reading long “setup guides” and trial and error. Now, it’s a lot more simple, where you can hover over an adjustment, and get a general description on what it does to the car.

Now, it looks like Project CARS 2 will be taking it one step further, by simulating the “Race Engineer” to give you some advice on what adjustments to make. It simulates the communication between a driver and his engineer, where you can “tell” your engineer what issue you’re having, and he can provide suggestions on how to fix that.

This looks to be a solid way to help teach sim racers the art of setup creating, so I’m excited to see how this turns out! What are your thoughts? Let us know!