New Project CARS 2 Preview Showcases IndyCar Content


Two years ago, IndyCar content, as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was announced to be coming to Project CARS. However, upon the game’s release, the content was nowhere to be found. While the Dallara DW12 was released as part of the American Car Pack for Project CARS, Indianapolis was still noticeably absent. Now, we have confirmation that Indianapolis will be coming to Project CARS 2, along with classic cars!

To complement the modern Dallara DW12, Project CARS 2 will also include 3 classic IndyCar vehicles from the 1960s:

Kicking off the list is the legendary Ol’ Calhoun, which is based off of the early 1960’s Watson Roadster. The car, driven by Parnelli Jones, dominated the 1963 Indy 500, with Jim Clark finishing second place, despite a controversy regarding an oil leak.

Ol’ Calhoun is a modified Watson Roadster, weighing 730kg and was powered by a Offenhauser 4-cylinder engine, pumping out 470 horsepower.This will definitely provide a challenge for racers, trying to tame this beast in a time before downforce was king.

Another classic Indy race car is making its way to PCARS 2, the 1965 Lotus 38, piloted by Jim Clark. Like this year’s Fernando Alonso, Jim Clark was a Formula One driver, who decided to make his way stateside to compete in the Indianapolis 500. His first Indy 500 was in 1963, where he finished second to Ol’ Calhoun. Two years later, with the Lotus 38, Clark would take home the win, and get to drink the milk.

IndyCar Lotus 56The third race car to come to Project CARS 2 is the Lotus 56, which competed in the 1968 Indy 500. The unique race car featured a Pratt & Whitney ST6 Gas Turbine engine. The car also had an aerodynamic wedge design, which hallmarked a somewhat unique stopgap between the “roadster” body style and the shift to wings on the race cars. Originally Jim Clark was going to run the car, but he tragically died while racing at Hockenheim earlier that year. Mike Spence was killed testing the car at Indianapolis. Graham Hill, Joe Leonard, and Art Pollard started the Indy 500, but mechanical failures struck all three cars. In 1969, USAC banned Turbine race cars.

These new cars for Project CARS 2 will be a great way to relive some of the glory days of racing. It is not certain if this content will be available at launch, or will be post-release DLC, but I’m expecting it to be the former of the two.