WRC 5 Announced


Milestone had been making the WRC racing titles until Big Ben Interactive obtained the rights in 2014. They spent the year working (largely in secret), and now we have the official announcement, via the WRC game’s official Facebook page. We have a new video trailer for WRC 5, the next racing title in the series.

This title will be developed by Kylotonn Games, and will be distributed through Big Ben Interactive. Details are limited at the moment, but we know it will be coming to current gen and previous gen consoles, the PS Vita, and PC. Inspecting the Kyloton site brings up some information about their game engine, the Kt Engine HD, which sounds pretty cool:

Kt Engine HD is a fully featured latest generation cross-platforms game engine (PC – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 – PS Vita – Xbox One – Xbox 360).
This production line includes :

  • A high end visual game engine supporting dynamic weather and dynamic day/night cycle, vehicle deformations, dirt, lens flare…
  • A level editor to create living, varied and realistic environments, alternating driving surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, snow…
  • A particles editor capable of simulating physics of dust volumes, smoke, dirt, water and snow projections…
  • A powerful physics engine providing detailed vehicle simulation allowing realistic handling, in any environment and on any driving surface.
  • Advanced damage model offering damage levels ranging from mild damage to complete destruction.
  • Replays mode with dynamic visualizations inspired by TV broadcasts.

This list of features has some interesting ideas, which I hope could work out well for us. I like what I’m hearing about the “powerful physics engine”, and I’m hoping it’s not just some buzzwords. Many people regard Richard Burns Rally as the “last great rally sim”, which was released over a decade ago. Could we see a title being produced at the same level of physics fidelity?

The level editor is also an intriguing concept, which will raise some questions. Will we be able to see cross-platform sharing of custom levels? Will we be able to recreate real life WRC venues if aren’t included in the title? Will it feature dynamic terrain?

I think this will definitely be one of the titles to keep an eye on as development continues. I think 2015 will be a great year for rally fans though, with not only WRC 5, but gRally, and a potential Dirt 4 coming this year.

What are your thoughts on WRC 5 coming out this year? Let us know in the comments!