Video Highlight: Which is the Best Racing Simulator?


GamerMuscle has decided to attempt a harrowing task; attempting to tell us what “The Best Racing Simulator” is! As a result, we have a quite entertaining video describing the different elements of racing simulators.

Clocking in at over 26 minutes, you’ll definitely want some popcorn with this watch. In the video, many of the elements of a racing simulator are analyzed, and then sims are ranked according to each element.

I won’t go into details about the video, because I feel that the video deserves the watch, but I will say I agree on a lot of the points that GamerMuscle states. Each sim in this industry has a certain focal point, and I feel they excel at what they focus on. But no sim is the perfect. In addition, in a world where racers have their own opinions, it can be clear that there is no clear winner in (Spoiler alert!) “What is the ‘Best Racing Simulator’?”.

Again, I recommend you check out GamerMuscle’s latest video, and also check out some of his others! I am a particular fan of his “Killed You With a Wheel!” video (which was actually inspiration for one of my own videos as well).

What is your choice for the “Best Racing Simulator”? Let us know in the comments!

  • Tim Chitwood

    R3E/Sector3, has the best simulator for me. It matches my expectations/memories of driving a real car, driven hard like racing. I have had rFactor2 and iRacing and they are good in some ways, but R3E really hits the mark. The sound, which also works my Buttkicker2 and headphones, is absolutely head and shoulders above any other game. My next favorite is Dirt Rally. It has the the best rally I have ever tried, I have only tried a few of those so I am no expert. The rest of the games have their own perks such as Project Cars has the best of the latest gen games as far as “Dynamic lobbies” which lets you change, car, weather, time, track, kick unruly players…” But it does fall short in the visuals. So R3E, Dirt Rally and Project Cars are my favorite games… Your experience and tastes may vary.