Simfunding – Sim Racing Crowdfunding


We are seeing a surge in crowdfunding in the world, and it has extended to the world of sim racing. With WMD and Project CARS setting an example of how it can be applicable in our niche hobby, we’re now seeing a site dedicated to sim racing community funding.

Simfunding will be coming soon, and it looks to try to be a new level for community involvement in projects. The site will allow people/groups to post their projects, and give the community the ability to pitch some funds to help get them off the ground. To learn more about how it works, check out this link.

To launch the site, Simfunding did an interview with Petros Mak of MAK-Corp, to talk about his opinions on the modding community. Petros started modding in the late 90’s, and is responsible for the popular MMG F1 2007 mod for rFactor. He’s seen radical changes in the industry, and not always for the better. In the Simfunding interview, he gives his input on what needs to change in the community, and how he things crowd funding could benefit the modding world, as well as the sim racing industry in general.

Whether Simfunding will be a success or failure will ultimately be up to the community. However, there is no denying it is an ambitious concept. What are your thoughts on the Simfunding concept? Let us know!