Race Track Builder on Steam Greenlight


Back in March, a new utility from the maker of Bob’s Track Builder was announced. Race Track Builder was unveiled alongside a 40 minute preview video, showing off some of the quite impressive capabilities of this WIP software. Now, Race Track Builder has been put onto Steam Greenlight.

For those of you who don’t know, Steam Greenlight is a system rolled out by Steam to approve independently-developed projects. This system has seen the likes of rFactor, Assetto Corsa, and iRacing be approved onto the Steam ecosystem, and now Race Track Builder looks to join that list. If you can shoot a thumbs up on the Steam Greenlight page, that will help this powerful utility make it onto Steam.

Bob’s Track Builder was known for being one of the most popular track-making software utilities for racing sims such as rFactor and Richard Burns Rally. Now, Brendon Pywell is looking to add functionality via Race Track Builder, and it looks like it will be ready for the current generation of racing platforms!

Note that this utility does NOT export directly to racing games, but it will generate FBX 3D files, to at least give a head start on your development. This utility looks to require more involvement and technical knowledge than Bob’s Track Builder, which was built to support racing titles, but RTB may have a greater reward, namely in the fidelity of the tracks.

I could see Race Track Builder sparking some major breakthroughs in track development. For example, earlier I discussed the idea of rally in rFactor 2. I think this tool could make some great rally courses for ISI’s sim, as well as Assetto Corsa. What are your thoughts on Race Track Builder? Let us know in the comments!


  • Matthew Arnold

    this is a day one buy for me 🙂

  • Jamie

    As a donator and long term supporter of Bobs Track Builder for years (I’m the maker of one of the biggest xpack for BTB, the Great Britain Xpack), I can’t recommend Race Track Builder as of now. It’s still very early in the process and the price tag is way too high for the amount of features you get. What you get basically is an unfinished prototype which doesn’t work most of the time, with limited features that doesn’t work as they should (especially track merging which is just a cheap trick). Software support is the worst I’ve ever seen, I’ve gently asked for help and got ignored before getting permanently banned… that’s not how you treat your average customers. It was the same with BTB (which got splitted into two different versions exporting to different games so you have to buy it twice)…Brendon disappeared for years without updating it as it seems this guy is more concerned about climate change and your cash than anything else. If you want to be treated as a cash pig go for it, but don’t expect any gratitude or support in return for your hard earned money!!!