Race Track Builder Announced


Bob’s Track Builder, a program developed by Brendon Pywell, was a track builder that was a major factor in building circuits for sims such as Richard Burns Rally, rFactor, GTR 2, and more. However, now it is a dated platform for building courses, so Brendon decided to work on Race Track Builder. Now, he has released a 40 minute video showing off the utility, and it is quite impressive!

Race Track Builder features a lot of improvements over BTB, including a more dynamic course development system. you see results from your tweaking refresh quicker than Bob’s Track Builder, and adjust camber and track properties in real time.


Like BTB, Race Track Builder will feature support for Google Maps importing. When you import Google Maps data, Race Track Builder will automatically obtain height data, and will adjust the map accordingly. If you put more triangles into your circuit, the map will adjust to create more realistic scenery.

There is no word on when Race Track Builder will be released, or on pricing, but it already looks to be a powerful tool. Will we see it making great circuits for rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa? Time will tell.

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About Race Track Builder

Race Track Builder is the product of years of development, originally conceived in 2009 as a means to overcome some limitations in Bobs Track Builder.

This new interface does not replace BTB, but instead provides new streamlined methods of producing complex race designs, and export those models into other 3d applications for further processing.

BTB is still the best way to produce tracks targeted to specific games as BTB covers many aspects unique to games, whereas RTB is a general purpose track builder targeted at developers. RTB outputs to 3d files (FBX) and requires more technical knowhow in order to have them appear in-game.

RTB’s future will expand over time as new features and potentially more specific outputs are added, but for now it remains a generic product not targeted at any game in particular.

BTB will continue to be supported.

  • Jamie

    As a donator and long term supporter of Bobs Track Builder for years (I’m the maker of one of the biggest xpack for BTB, the Great Britain Xpack), I will never ever again recommend anything from this guy. First, the price tag is way too high for the amount of features you get. What you get basically is an unfinished prototype which doesn’t work most of the time, with limited features that doesn’t work as they should (especially track merging which is just a cheap trick). Software support is the worst I’ve ever seen, I’ve gently asked for help and got ignored before getting permanently banned… that’s not how you treat your average customers. It was the same with BTB (which got splitted into two different versions exporting to different games so you have to buy it twice)…Brendon disappeared for years without updating it as it seems this guy is more concerned about climate change and your cash than anything else. If you want to be treated as a cash pig go for it, but don’t expect any gratitude or support in return for your hard earned money!!