John Sabol – New ISR Host


Inside Sim Racing is one of the pioneers in the world of Sim Racings news, and is one of the top racing YouTube channels around. Despite some various controversies, it has remained a solid place for news and reviews. Now, Darin Gangi has put out their first ever live broadcast, to announce new co-host, my friend John Sabol.

John has been a long time sim racer, for 20+ years (ever since he was a kid), and has been heavily involved in the industry for the past couple years. He was my fellow co-worker when I was with ISR in 2014, and I can vouch for him being a solid stand-up guy. I also know that this is a major move for him, going from Indiana to Spokane (I was offered the same opportunity last year, but was not able to make the move myself from California), so I wish him the best of luck in this new venture.

This will spark a new era for Inside Sim Racing, while bringing some cool stuff from the past. This Week In Sim Racing was a very popular segment ISR ran, which featured weekly updates in the world of Sim Racing. It looks like the live segments will help reinvigorate the site, and I wish the best of luck to Darin and John!

What are your thoughts on this new format for ISR? Let us know in the comments!