An Hour of American Truck Sim


Released in 2012, Euro Truck Simulator 2 was one of the sleeper hits, providing sim racers with a different experience compared to the stress of racing. Since then, we’ve seen expansions, as well as news regarding American Truck Simulator. This will bring the sim to this side of the pond, and having us drive through America, through over 100 cities. SCS Software has released a new preview video, showing off an alpha build of the trucking sim, giving us nearly an hour of footage!

American Truck Simulator has been in development for over a year now, and we’ve been fed a steady trickle of previews to satisfy our appetites. Now we have this new preview of ATS, from version 0.1.60. It is not mentioned as to if this is the most current build, or if this is old footage. Nevertheless, it is looking pretty good so far, and I’m excited!

American Truck Simulator is looking to build on the foundation that made Euro Truck Simulator such a great title. They will be giving us a condensed version of America (not sure if it is the full continent or just the United States), with over 100 cities to check out. The sim will feature a wide variety of trucks, but there is no word on if we can customize them like this. Don’t let us down, SCS Software! 😉

For more information on American Truck Simulator, you can check out this post from the SCS Software Blog. Are you looking forward to American Truck Sim? Let us know in the comments below!