Wrench: A VR Car Building/Repair Simulator?


Enter another title in the “Why haven’t they come up with this sooner?!” category! Alec Moody has released a video preview of Wrench: a Virtual Reality Car Building/Repair simulator, where he puts together the front end of a car.

The title, despite being just in “prototype” status looks remarkable and very in-depth. I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to actually putting together cars, but it’s amazing to see how everything comes together, and all the parts that are associated with individual components alone! It looks like Alec definitely did his research!

It also isn’t just research as well. All of the components for the game are scratch made, either from scratch 3D modeling or by scanning and photogrammetry. There is no indication on how much is going to be truly simulated, but tools such as ratchets, impact tools, shop press, torque wrenches, and more are going to be simulated as well! It would definitely be awesome if you could build a full car!

This definitely looks to be an ambitious title, and may have a great appeal for gearheads who are looking to have something different. Also, according to some of the Youtube comments, this could be a “great title to show your dad that your $1,000+ investment in a VR headset and gaming PC was worth it”!

What do you think of this idea. Would you be interested in building a car in virtual reality?