NASCAR Heat Evolution: New Trailer Released


The console racing world gained a glimmer of hope when NASCAR Heat Evolution was announced earlier this year. In addition, Monster Games, creators of the popular NASCAR Heat series, would be returning to helm the title. We have received a second trailer, showcasing some of the new features for the game.

NASCAR Heat Evolution Character CustomizationOne of the biggest requests by the community is the ability to create a custom character/car. It looks like Monster Games is hard at work bringing that in. From the trailer, it looks like there will be quite a few options to create your own driver. Is it just me, or does the driver look a little like the characters from The Sims?

2016-07-18 (1)

Fortunately, we will have full in-depth setup customization. One interesting thing to note is that there will be support for steering offset. Also seen in rFactor 2 and iRacing, the steering offset can keep the steering wheel centered while optimizing the car for an oval circuit.

2016-07-18 (2)

I have heard some rumors that Heat Evolution will run on the same engine as previous NASCAR Heat games, and some of the footage in this trailer seems to reinforce that fact. Some of the sounds from this trailer were oddly reminiscent of the previous titles. For example, I noticed that the collision sounds were from the original Heat title. In addition, the camera angles are oddly reminiscent as well. It’s unclear whether these are just reused assets or a revived engine, but time will tell.

One feature that is thankfully being brought over from NASCAR Heat is the “Hardcore Mode”, increasing the realism of the game. Heat Evolution is looking to appeal not only to the casual racers, but the hardcore simmers as well.

NASCAR Heat Evolution will be released September 13th, 2016. Are you considering getting the latest game? Let us know in the comments!