Time Attack Coming to iRacing


iRacing, over its 9 years of service, has established itself as the premier online racing service. However, there has not been much in the way of “single driver competition” outside of Time Trial, which was sorely under-used. Now, iRacing has announced Time Attack, a new way to compete for world record lap times.

Unlike Time Trials, which only runs on specific tracks in the schedule, Time Attack will allow you to race with any car, with any track set for the season, and your times will be logged. Your times will also be combined to show your “Total Time”, and you will be ranked against other racers.

A new ranking system will be incorporated, specifically for Time Attack:

iRacing Time Attck

Because of this, Time Attack will NOT affect your Safety Rating or iRating. That is another departure from Time Trial, which affected your safety rating, albeit in a reduced state. There are also no class restrictions for Time Attack, which means you can drive any car at any track, provided you own the content.

In addition, this video also gave us our first look at the upcoming new User Interface coming to iRacing soon! The new interface will allow all functions to be navigated in the software, rather than navigating via the iRacing.com website.

This is exciting to see, and it will be interesting to see how the racing community attaches onto Time Attack? What are your thoughts on this new mode? Let us know in the comments!