iRacing Nordschleife Laser-Scan Preview


In September, iRacing announced they will be bringing the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife (as well as the Grand Prix circuit) to their online racing service. Now, we have couple new previews, showing off the laser-scan data for the circuit.

These new previews show off the legendary Karussell corner, which features a unique banked section. It is a tricky corner that, if you get it wrong, can send you right into a wall, or facing the wrong way. The corner comes around the halfway point through a lap of the Nordschleife, and leads into what, in my opinion, is one of the toughest segments of the track.

iRacing has stated that the Nordschleife is planned for sometime this year, likely late Summer or around Fall. The track will also feature the Grand Prix Circuit, as well as the Nurburgring 24H layout, which combines both circuits together. This will be the ultimate challenge for iRacers, and likely the bane of many Safety Rating points.

Seeing all these versions of the Nordschleife coming to various sims is marking a great thing for the community. While the Nordschleife isn’t my personal favorite track, it is synonymous with driving performance, and benchmarking. I think it will also be a benchmark in terms of realism, and showing off different laser-scanning techniques. If only rFactor 2 can get a laser scanned version, like the rFPro one. 😉

Are you excited for the Nordschleife coming to iRacing? Let us know in the comments!