DEM Announces New Wheel


We are seeing a lot of high end wheels infiltrate the market lately, with offerings from SimSteering, SimXperience, EC Sim Hardware. Now, we have another high end wheel, that’s a little different (and NOT just because the company doesn’t have “Sim” in the title). DEM Racing Simulators has announced the DRS Integrale Professional Steering System.

At first glance, you can tell that this is a totally different beast, compared to the Direct Drive servo wheels we have been seeing as of late. DEM has decided to go with a steel gear-driven system, with 2 24V 200W motors. It is claiming to achieve 14NM of torque. To compare, I believe that’s around 2.5x the amount that the Thrustmaster T500RS puts out (6NM, according to this ISI forum post). That is also a number that rivals offerings from SimXperience and SimSteering.

One thing that is definitely intriguing is the fact that it is using a steel gear system, matched with a bearing. To my knowledge, no consumer level wheel has used this technology, instead going for plastic gears, belts, or direct drive. My question is, how will it feel? “Gear Drive” has developed a bit of a taboo in the industry, for its noise and “notchy” feeling, and many deem it as obsolete. Could this technology DEM is bringing to the table shake the stigma?

The wheel will be open to orders sometime before Spring, with more information likely coming later this month. No pricing has been listed as of now. For more information, check out the drop down below.

What are your thoughts on the DEM DRS Integrale wheel? Let us know in the comments!

[accordion id=”my-accordion”] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”DEM DRS Integrale Wheel Specs” open=”false”] – 2x 24v 200W high torque contrarotating engines, made in Italy
– 1 reduction stage with large diameter steel gear wheels made in Italy (no belts)
– engines and gear wheels mounted on large diameter bearing
– reducer box ergal made machined from solid mounted on CNC laser cut steel base, fully made in Italy
– 1 encoder with 10000 PPR mounted directly on the steering axis (steering wheel position is not influenced by the presence of the reducer)
– 14 Nm torque (to be confirmed within January)
–  1024 torque levels for each steering direction (with a resolution of 8 grams of force on a 30cm large steering wheel)
– possibility to modify steering wheel’s inertia via software to adapt it to different type of cars
– integrated electronics, with no external components
– Assetto Corsa plugin that gives you the chance to modify the force feedback response as you prefer (we are working to get this on the other main simulation softwares)
– fast customer care service thanks to products available on our national territory
– Windows driver to recognize the peripheral as a force feedback device
– USB connection
– size: 210x270x120(h) mm
– weight: 12 Kg[/accordion_item] [/accordion]