New Sounds in Gran Turismo Sport Preview


Gran Turismo is one of the most revered racing series in Sim Racing. However, the past few iterations of the series have shown its age. One of the more irksome nuances of the sim is the lackluster sounds, commonly compared to a “Vacuum Cleaner”. Polyphony Digital has mentioned that we will be seeing hearing better sounds in Gran Turismo Sport. Now, we have our first preview of what that may sound like.

The video comes to us via French website, from the FIA Booth at the Paris Motor Show. The video features the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S, a car particularly known for a brutal engine note. I am pleasantly surprised by the preview sound of this car, which has a pretty solid, beefy grunt. The external car sounds still seem somewhat “digital”, but this is a solid step forward.

Gran Turismo Sport AMG GTSpeaking of “solid”, it seems like the collision sounds are overhauled as well. Previous Gran Turismo titles had collisions sounding like a “thud”, but now this sounds more like an actual car crash.

In light of these developments, it seems like Polyphony Digital will work to improve Gran Turismo Sport even further, to make it a solid current-generation title. What are your thoughts on the new sounds? Let us know!