Gran Turismo 7 – Turn 10’s Former Audio Lead Hired


While Gran Turismo is one of the most revered names in sim racing, it is far from a perfect title. One of the elements in the Gran Turismo series that is nearly universally panned is the lackluster sounds. Now, it looks like Polyphony Digital could be making some significant strides forward to improve the sounds for Gran Turismo 7, by a significant new hire.


Mike Caviezel was the former Audio Lead for Turn 10 Studios, the company behind Gran Turismo’s arch-nemesis, Forza Motorsport. Caviezel was behind the sounds of the full range of Forza titles, including Forza Motorsport 5. He was hired by Polyphony Digital last month, as the Senior Audio Lead.

Could this be a turning point in sounds for Gran Turismo? While Forza’s sounds are not of RaceRoom Racing Experience caliber, Forza’s were quite convincing. An interesting thought though: Forza Motorsport 5 used the FMOD sound engine, which is also used in titles such as Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and Ride. Could we see Gran Turismo migrate to that sound engine if the Audio Lead is more experienced in that?

I find it pretty funny that Polyphony Digital poached an Audio Lead from Microsoft, but hey, if it improves the game, it should be great for everyone! What are your thoughts? Do you think this new hire could lead to improved sounds in Gran Turismo? Let us know in the comments!