Forza Motorsport 7 – PC Technical Specs Revealed

Forza Motorsport 7

The official tech specs for Forza Motorsport 7 have been revealed, and they should be pleasing to fans of triple screen/ultrawide monitor users! The latest iteration in Microsoft’s flagship racing franchise is looking to make it more accessible to PC racers, as well as taking advantage of powerful PC setups!

First, as mentioned before, let’s talk about displays! As mentioned in the paragraph above, Forza Motorsport 7 will support triple screen display configurations, as well as 21:9 Ultrawide aspect ratios. In addition, if you have a powerful enough PC, you will be able to play at Native 4K resolution at 60 Frames Per Second.

The question is, how powerful of a PC do you need to run this shindig? Forza 6 Apex and Forza Horizon 3 were notorious for requiring a powerful PC to run. Fortunately, it looks like FM7 has been optimized for PC, so it isn’t as strenuous as you’d expect! The surprising thing is that you can actually play Forza Motorsport 7 with INTEGRATED GRAPHICS (albeit at 720p at 30FPS)!!

The next question that many people will inevitably ask is “What about wheels and pedals?!” It sounds like T10 has listened, and has provided support for over 30 gamepads and wheels, including “every fan requested wheel”. They even have the Logitech MOMO and Driving Force Pro as supported wheels!!! In addition, Multi-USB Device Support has been added, so hopefully you can run separate pedals and wheel, but we’ll see how that goes.

Manufacturer Make Controller Type
Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Gamepad
Microsoft Xbox One Controller Gamepad
Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller Gamepad
Microsoft Xbox One S/X Controller Gamepad
Sony Dual Shock 4 Gamepad
Fanatec CSR Wheel
Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel
Fanatec ClubSport V2 Wheel
Fanatec ClubSport V1 Wheel
Fanatec CSL Wheel
Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 Wheel
Logitech G29 Wheel
Logitech Driving Force Pro Wheel
Logitech G25 Wheel
Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel
Logitech G27 Wheel
Logitech MOMO Wheel
Logitech G920 Wheel
Thrustmaster RGT Wheel
Thrustmaster T100 Wheel
Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Int Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 RS Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Wheel
Thrustmaster T150 Wheel
Thrustmaster T150 Pro Wheel
Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Wheel
Thrustmaster TX 458 Wheel
Thrustmaster TX Leather Wheel
Thrustmaster 458 Spider Wheel
Thrustmaster TMX Wheel
Thrustmaster TMX Pro Wheel
Thrustmaster TS-Xbox Wheel
Mad Catz Pro Wheel

Bottom line, it looks like Forza Motorsport 7 is actually looking to appeal to the PC Sim Racing market, and that’s a great thing. What are your thoughts? Let us know!