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    One of the great things about our hobby is that we all come from different walks of life. We have professional racers that use simulators for training, we have young drivers, we have older guys, all sorts of people! I thought this would be a good thread to introduce ourselves and maybe tell each other a bit about ourselves!

    I'll start first

    I'm William Marsh. I'm 23, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been actively sim racing for almost 10 years now, but my first sim was NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition (even though I didn't know what the heck I was doing!).

    I am currently in school for Acting and Journalism, and may be looking to get into some voice acting in the future. Some of my other hobbies are Cycling, Photography, Tennis, and Bowling.

    I look forward to hearing a little more about you guys! :D

    Also, remember to check out some of the other threads, and make some of your own ;)
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  2. Marcel Offermans

    Marcel Offermans Armchair Racer

    My name is Marcel Offermans and I live in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I've been racing on arcade machines, computers and consoles ever since the first racing games started to appear. I combined my interests in computers, mechanical engineering and simracing in my current job, heading Studio 397 and in that role I'll try to make rFactor 2 the best open racing simulator on the market. I also love photography. First and foremost I am here as a simracer though, enjoying to talk with other simracers about our great sport (or hobby or however you call it). I am part of Simracing For Holland, and as a team we love participating in endurance races.
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  3. Joe Berkett

    Joe Berkett Armchair Racer

    Hi There, my name is Joe Berkett. I live in New Zealand and I have a deep passion for Gaming and Motorsport so it was only natural that I become invloved with Sim Racing. Looking forward to chatting to you all.

  4. Ray Alfalla

    Ray Alfalla Armchair Racer

  5. Jason Jacoby

    Jason Jacoby Armchair Racer

    Hey, all!

    William, thank you for creating and operating this great Web site!

    I grew up in Arizona, and began sim racing in 2004, just before we moved to Colorado. Midway through 2005, a friend introduced me to Ray Alfalla. We would talk every day after school, and we both ended up being pretty good sim racers :p I have a few hobbies: music, racing, working at Domino's, and just having fun (those are in no particular order). I now live in Athens, GA.

    I obtained the sim rig that I have for the love I have for racing, and so that I could be as close to the real thing as possible. I will post a thread about that, and update you guys here.

    I currently stream races on Twitch (, and upload those streams (along with other videos) to

    Thanks for reading! Catch you guys later!
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  6. Migraine

    Migraine Armchair Racer

    Hey guys.

    Chris B here. I've in and around sim racing since 2011. I love it. I'm currently in the process of moving and upgrading my rig. Hope I'm not in the pits long. See ya on track soon!
  7. Dave R

    Dave R Armchair Racer

    Hello all. Glad to see the site up and running!!
  8. Ricky Davies

    Ricky Davies Armchair Racer

    My name is Ricky i'm 27 and live in Worcester UK. I have been simracing since 2005 but had my first experience with simracing when GP4 was released. When i managed to get a PC as i grew up i went back to GP4 from there i moved onto rfactor and generally went the same route everyone else takes. I am a huge BTCC fan and tried to base my rig around a touring car style cockpit.

    Love the website and news keep it going Will ;)
  9. iamspini

    iamspini Armchair Racer

    Hey there,
    I'm Spinola, 27 years , from Madeira island, Portugal.
    I've been racing in simracing since 2007, and and enjoy the most on GT3 class cars.

    Thank you
  10. dynt

    dynt Armchair Racer

    Just a quick introduction, looking forward to seeing what the forum is all about.
  11. super_gt

    super_gt Armchair Racer

    My name is Hristo i'm 38 and live in Bulgaria. I have been simracing since 2010 with Gran Turismo 5.
    Good Luck with the site!
  12. themisterf1

    themisterf1 Armchair Racer

    hi everyone
    Jens V here, I am a adicted sim racer sinds 2013 and i am stil racing in al lot of different sims at the moment i am racing in te formula renault 2.0 on iracing. i am 16 year old. its really good to see that the sim racing comunitie is growing and this forum will surtently help to that
  13. G-Bric

    G-Bric Armchair Racer


    I'm G-Bric from Begium

    Started racing back in the 90's on PC
    All the sim and race games.

    Since 2years after a couple of years out of racing, I started playing Project Cars on PS4
    This got me hooked again, now also playing Assetto Corsa.

    Saving up for a great Gaming PC to go on iracing

    I have a Next Level Racing Rig, Thrustmaster T300, T3PA with loadcell and Th8 shifter

    Hope 2 see you on the track somewhere online

    Grtz G-Bric

    PSN G-Bric
  14. Jaki

    Jaki Armchair Racer

    Hello, cheers from Croatia
    Always loved to simrace :D great show keep it up, those pedals would be great hehe :)
  15. RTA Motorsports

    RTA Motorsports Armchair Racer

    Hey all!
    I'm Ray otherwise known on my channel as "Crash". Just turned 30 and live in California (Sacramento area). Got into sim racing after I built my first gaming computer a few years ago in 2013. I stumbled on a YouTube video where people where racing in IRacing, never knew such a thing existed and I was hooked! I've been on the budget side things, first using a T100 on my playseat challenge, then found a dfgt, and finally ended up with my TX wheel.

    My favorite sims are the usual suspects, but since VR is been mainly the vr supported titles. Right now it's IRacing, assetto, dirt rally, with the occasional R3E when I pry the vive off.

    Nice to meet you all!!
  16. Lorenzo De Ciutiis

    Lorenzo De Ciutiis Armchair Racer

    Hello Everybody
    I'm Lorenzo De Ciutiis, i'm 18 and i'm italian
    i meet simracing in 2006 with GTR2 and from that moment i never stopped
    i'm currently in the 5th year of studying mechanics and mechatronics and as a hobby and a sport i play tennis
    hope this website will keep growing
    and thanks you SRP to bring us very good and detailed reviews
  17. Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams Armchair Racer

    Greetings from the Great State of Texas. I've been into Sim racing since the days of the original Need for Speed. I hope to learn alot from these forums as well as being able to give some input. Those pedals woulda look nice on my rig as well! Lol
  18. Marmagas

    Marmagas Armchair Racer

    Hi there,my name is Jim and I be been simracing since....GPL!1999!!!
    I am from Greece and I want to wish you the best luck with the site!!!
  19. Paul Jennings

    Paul Jennings Armchair Racer

    Hey, my name is Paul Jennings. I'm a lifelong Racing nut, I've been in love with racing since 1984 when I became a huge fan of Dale Earnhardt and Al Unser Jr. I've played just about every racing game there's been on console and PC. I bought "Nascar Racing" on PC in 1999 and played it with a racing wheel, so I guess that's when I officially became a "Sim-Racer". Over the years I have raced on all the Payrus Nascar titles, rFactor, rFactor 2, Race 07, GTR, GTR 2, GT Legends, Raceroom, Project Cars, Stockcar Extreme, Automobilista, and iRacing. Sim-Racing means so much to me because I've never had the resources to anything other than some Go-Kart racing. I was able to be the crew chief for my cousin who raced WKA Go-Karts at Stateline Raceway in Lawsonville, North Carolina for 3 years. From 2002 to 2004 I worked a seasonal job with Sasco Motorsports, they were the Dunlop Tire provider for the Grand-Am Series. I got to work the 24-hours of Daytona, along with Grand-Am races at Watkins Glen, Phoenix International Raceway, and Auto Club Speedway that same year. So to sum it up...I love racing.
  20. Seth Francis

    Seth Francis Armchair Racer

    Hey guys, Seth here. I'm 29, live in Branford Ct and I absolutely love sim racing! I also love collecting and modding the related hardware. My love of racing games started at a young age, any time I got a game console all I cared about was the available racing titles. Be it Cruisin' USA back on my N64, or the original Gran Turismo back on my original PS I absolutely loved living out the fantasy of racing. Through my childhood and teen years I was mainly playing PS/PS2 based games (except for some guilty pleasure crazy taxi on the Dreamcast!). I remember playing 24h races on PS2 (I forget which GT it was at this time) with my buddy. We would stay up and take turns driving in 3 or 4 hour blocks each. While one drove the other would be eating or doing other humanly activities. By the time PS3 came out, I had grown into an adult and my job and life took over my gaming time. It wasn't until PS3 had already been out for years and GT6 was coming out that I decided to jump back in. I picked up the game a week or so after release and instantly fell back in love with racing around a virtual track. Except things were different by then, people online had these amazing cockpits in their houses and attached to desks! I was completely enthralled and encapsulated by this new world, and right away started looking for a setup of my own. That's when I found the G27, and truly started to realise the difference between playing racing games and sim racing. No more was I limited to a regular controller, I could actually drive. It wasn't long before I was regularly upgrading and modding my gear, building a dedicated rig, building a custom PC and really allowing sim racing to become my biggest hobby, which it still is today. I am always looking for the next thing I want to save up for, or anxiously waiting for the next piece of exciting sim racing news! When people ask what my favorite sim is, I have a hard time answering. I can't pick just one sim as my favorite, there are things I like about all of them. I love the physics and FFB in games like RF2, AMS, R3E and iracing and I love the modern look and refinement of titles like AC and Pcars. To me sim racing is about much more than just the titles and hardware. Not only have I fallen in love with the sport, I have also made many friends and connections in the process. This truly is a beautiful community, and I always encourage others to give sim racing try because of this. I look forward to what the future of sim racing will bring, I'm sure it will be great!

    Anyways, it is awesome to see a new forum up and running! I will be sure to add this to my round of forums I regularly check.

    That's my story, see y'all on the track ;)
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