Sim Racing is a rather trivial hobby in a lot of peoples’ minds. Some people just consider it as playing pretend, or “burning money on toys when you could purchase a real car”, but many people truly enjoy the hobby, myself included.

Sim Racing rFactor 2 Flat 6

I started Sim Racing early, at age 6, with NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition. Granted, I didn’t have a wheel, or even a controller. I was just content with attempting to play with a keyboard, and admittedly stuffing Jeff Gordon’s car into the wall countless times. Ever since I had my first exposure, I was hooked on racing, and on racing video games.

Then, in 2014 I landed what was (in my mind) my dream job, blogging for one of the largest sites in the industry: Inside Sim Racing. In my mind, I was able to share my love of racing with the world, and I enjoyed it! In October, I was faced with a crossroads, to either become the next Co-Host of Inside Sim Racing, or possibly attempt a solo effort. I chose the latter of the two. Despite leaving on arguably not-so-good terms, I still hold an immense respect for Inside Sim Racing, and all that they have done for the community. Darin and John are doing a great service to the community, and have really found a solid place in the community.

I went public with Sim Racing Paddock on January 7th, 2015. While I was off to a strong start, times got pretty tough, especially towards the middle half of 2015. This past year was a considerably rough year for myself and my family, and it honestly sent me spiraling into a depression. Around halfway through 2015, I lost my drive (pun somewhat intended) for the site, and it landed on the back burner for me. I sincerely do apologize for leaving the community in the dark, and for neglecting my responsibility to the community.

These past two months have started to see an upswing for me. I have had a lot of friends supporting me through this, and have been encouraging me to return to the site, and the hobby that I love. Two weeks ago, I finally convinced myself to fire up some sims, which I hadn’t done in a long time. It really did help remind me of my love for racing, and love for the hobby. One combination that really put a smile on my face was the McLaren M23 at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, which my best friend and I were racing on, just hours after his watching “Rush” for the first time!

Photo Credit RaceDepartment

Now, the big question remains, what does this mean for the website? One year has passed since I first launched the site, and I’m back, and plans are in place to make the site even better than ever! Sim Racing Paddock is a website not only for myself, but also will be for the community. I have big plans for the site, that hopefully will make it into a great “home” for racers, to hang out, set up races, and maybe learn something new. There are also things in the works that will hopefully bring Sim Racing Paddock to a new level, bringing new things to the table.

To all of you reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me, and I hope we will all see great things coming with the site.