Race2Play to Close Next Month


Race2Play, one of the main online racing sites through the mid-late 2000’s, has announced that they will be shutting their doors at the end of 2016. The online racing hub spanned multiple racing titles, including rFactor 1/2, Assetto Corsa, SimBin titles, and much more.

Race2Play has been a staple in the Sim Racing world for the past decade, starting in late 2005. Running organized races in sims such as GTR 2, rFactor, and GT Legends, it gave a great place to race and many people to race with.

Entering the 2010’s, Race2Play started struggling against the then-emerging iRacing online racing service. However, a dedicated community still stuck true to R2P, and helped keep it afloat, despite offers from different racing sims to buy out the service. Race2Play decided to keep the service small, and community-based.

However, with the announcement that Tim McArthur is resigning from the day-to-day operations to focus on new projects, the decision has been made to close down Race2Play. At the end of December 2016, the site will close down. Any members with a remaining Advanced Membership will be reimbursed for the remainder of the membership.

Race2play Closing Announcement

Many racers likely won’t realize the impact this site had on the Sim Racing community as a whole. Before R2P, we didn’t have iRacing, RaceRoom Racing Experience, or other online-based racing simulations with an organized system. Race2Play was one of the first online racing services to chronicle and catalog racers’ “Virtual Careers”, and that was huge back in 2005-2006. If we didn’t have Race2Play, the community would likely be a lot different than what it is today.

While I didn’t actively race using the Race2Play service, it holds a place in my heart as a great place, with an awesome community, and it will be sorely missed. I would like to thank Tim McArthur for his service to the Sim Racing community, and I hope him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Do you have any memories of racing on R2P? Let us know!