F1 2017: Beta Announced + Helmet Design Competition

F1 2017

With the final patch released for F1 2016, it was just a matter of time before the next title in the racing series was to be announced. Now, we not only have confirmation of F1 2017, but Codemasters will also be releasing a Beta version for sim racers to test pre-release!

Codemasters has mentioned that the beta will be released once the F1 season is underway, which could be as early as next month! There will be 300 spots for each platform (Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC).

I think this is a smart move on Codemasters’ part, to get some of the community in on this while still in development. Hopefully it will iron out potentially game breaking bugs, such as the Tire Wear issue in F1 2016. Regardless, we may be able to get a taste of how the handling and the game engine runs well before the full game is set to release.

You can sign up for the F1 2017 Beta via the Codemasters website. Note: You do have to be a member of the Codemasters Forums to enter.

In addition to the beta, Codies has announced a competition, to potentially get your art featured in the game! They are looking for new helmet designs, and if yours is selected, you will have your design as a featured design! In addition, you could also win F1 2016 merch.

There are a few guidelines that need to be mentioned for the competition:

Firstly, please don’t use any design that’s based, or uses, any existing real world or licensed designs, logos or brand wording and don’t use anything that’s offensive or obscene. We’d also like you to use only red, green, blue and black – this is for colour tinting purposes. You can find the full terms and conditions below, so all you need to do is scroll down for all the relevant information.

You can download the template here. You have until February 24th to enter for the competition. You are able to either email it to competitions@codemasters.com, tweet @Formula1Game, or print the design and mail to:

F1 Helmet Competition,
Codemasters Southam Studio Lower Farm,
CV47 2DL

Best of luck to everyone looking to get in on the Beta and/or entering the helmet competition!