Codemasters To Release F1 2016 Tire Fix Beta Patch

F1 2016 Tire Fix

While F1 2016 is a solid title, and one of Codemasters’ most fleshed out, one bug regarding tire wear has been plaguing so many racers, it greatly affects the title as a whole. Fortunately, Codemasters has announced that they are releasing a Beta for version 1.08, which should fix this major issue!

This bug for the game led to problems with the tire wear in the game, namely where the tires constantly wear at the same rate as the tires you started the race on. For instance, if you started the race with Super Soft tires, the tires would always wear at SS rates, even if you switched to a harder compound. This led to issues with tire strategy in a race, and left many racers very upset.

Codemasters acknowledged the issue existed, but then went relatively silent regarding the issue. Now, they have revealed that they have fixed the issue, and have released the patch via a Steam Beta!

Codemasters had to do an extensive overhaul of the game, including modifying core code, to be able to resolve the tire wear issue. Codies has stated that the patch has made it through their QA, but they want as many racers to test the game as possible, before it reaches a wide launch.

The patch will be released tomorrow, January 25th, at 10 AM UK time (I believe that’s 2 AM Pacific Time). Instructions on how to access the Beta will be released at that time, via this post. I will also update this post accordingly tomorrow as well.

It is also worth noting that, if you choose to download the patch, you will not be able to race online with drivers who do NOT have version 1.08 installed. You WILL be able to race with people who do have version 1.08 installed.

Another note from Codemasters is that version 1.08 will be the LAST patch released for F1 2016, and it will solely address this tire wear bug. After that, their focus will shift over to (I’m assuming) F1 2017.