Sim Car Rankings – Assetto Corsa Special


This is our Assetto Corsa special for Sim Car Rankings. I have picked three popular third party cars developed for Kunos Simulazioni’s racing sim, and have put them to the test. I hope you enjoy this video.

Formula Fantasy 1 2015

First up, we have the Formula Fantasy 1, by Formula Corsa Modding. This car, while fictional, has been constructed to meet the regulations of the 2015 Formula One season. This means it features a new, lower nose, that is not (really) shaped like genetalia, so that’s a win for the viewers! The car features the turbocharged V6 engine, and the DRS and Energy Recovery System (which is not featured in the mod).

For cockpits and the interior, I am going to score them both a 13.5/15. The cars definitely fit in well with Assetto Corsa, and don’t look out of place. The car includes a generic steering wheel to use and, while I’m not a fan of the generic FF1 logo being pasted on it, I can enjoy the quality of FCM’s work. I feel that visual backfires on the cars are a little too large, but I’m hoping they will be tweaked in the future.

Physics for Formula Corsa developed cars have not really sat well with me, with them behaving rather erratically. For a open wheel formula car, FCM’s mods seem to have too little grip. The FF1 mod seems to have partially fixed it over its predecessors, but it still remains. I feel that there is something with the rear tires that is amiss, but it seems like FCM is improving. In terms of feeling of lateral grip, I feel Formula Corsa has it nailed. You can feel exactly where the car is going in the corner, and where to put it. For the physics, I score it a 17.5/25, due to the issues I brought up.

While I am not a fan of the sounds of the modern 6-cylinder F1 cars, I feel that Formula Corsa Modding has done a proper job bringing them into Assetto Corsa. The cars have the grunt that the engine provides, and it sounds properly mixed. It has a good atmospheric sound, and very little digitization. I score the mod’s sounds a 13.5/15

Damage for the FF1 mod is one of the weaker aspects. Assetto Corsa’s damage is still not fleshed out on the mechanical side as much as rFactor 2, so impacts won’t damage the engine, and suspension damage is hit or miss. However, when the car does get properly damaged, it can be difficult to drive. The FF1 mod does a decent job of simulating mechanical damage, but parts can’t fall off, including wheels. I feel that is a major detriment to the damage. I score it a 9/15

The default setup for the car is quite driveable, once you train your right foot not to mash the gas. You have a very good feel for the car going through the corners, and you can place the car where you want most of the time. I would advise tweaking the differential to try to minimalize wheelspin on the throttle. I give that a 8.5/10

For Paint Schemes, I have to give FCM credit. They did a great job recreating a lot of the paint schemes for the FF1 mod. However, it is slightly disappointing that many of the schemes are based off of the 2014 F1 season, but you have to consider that this was released before the 2015 F1 testing began. I give the paint schemes a 4.5/5

That gives us a grand total of 80! While an 80 is nothing to sneeze at, I honestly expected a little higher from Formula Corsa Modding. I feel the physics admittedly need some improvement, and that could definitely bring it closer to a 90. Add in enhanced damage, if Kunos plans on bringing it in, and we could see something great!

  • Car Model: 13.5/15
  • Interior: 13.5/15
  • Physics: 17.5/25
  • Sounds: 13.5/15
  • Damage: 9/15
  • Default Setup: 8.5/10
  • Paint Schemes: 4.5/5
  • Grand Total: 80/100


2013 Chevrolet Camaro C6.R

Next up, we have the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R by United Racing Design. This is a free car, that is part of URD’s Endurance Racing X EGT5 mod. Originally released for rFactor 2, this car was ported to Assetto Corsa by SandroX. SandroX had developed a reputation in the past for making illegal conversions to racing titles, so it’s nice seeing him work on some legal stuff now.

While the Corvette did look good in rFactor 2, I have to say it looks even better in Assetto Corsa. The car takes advantage of the AC graphics engine, and shows the full extent of the detailed model. The interior is also a work of art as well, featuring a functioning rear view camera. I feel the interior could be somewhat improved, with some textures being not as great. For the car model, I give it a 13.5/15, and the interiors a 12/15

It is a hotly debated topic on physics, whether Assetto Corsa or rFactor 2 is superior. A unique situation is that the Corvette is released on both platforms. As of right now, I would have to say that rFactor 2’s version is superior, in regards to physics. Assetto Corsa’s version of the Vette has too much grip in my opinion, and it takes a ton of effort to get into a slide, or spin. The car feels overly planted, which is in stark contrast to the somewhat lack of grip in the FF1 car. I give the physics a 18.5/25

The sounds for the C6.R are also a step up above the rFactor 2 counterpart. The sounds have more of a “grunt” to them, and it feels more like a growling V8. There is some digitization in the sounds, but it doesn’t detract too much. External sounds are noticeably quiet, which is disappointing. It is a little weird being able to hear birds chirping over the sound of a 5.5L V8. If the external sounds were boosted, that would make the car THAT much better in replays. I score them a 12.5 out of 15.

Damage is another aspect that is hampered by Assetto Corsa’s engine (as of version 1.0.4). Mechanical damage is solid, when it works. Smacking the wall will cause your steering to be out of whack. However, like the FF1, you still are not able to encounter terminal damage from an impact, only from overrevving the engine. Visual damage suffers from the same issues that cars in Assetto Corsa have, where some parts are too sensitive, and some are not sensitive enough. The car can also be victim to the “sugar glass windshield”, that is common in Assetto Corsa vehicles. I score mechanical damage a 9.5/15.

The default setup for the Corvette is very driveable, likely in part due to the relatively easy physics. I find it very easy to put the car where you want, and find it difficult to unsettle the car. The car has a good sense of how the weight is transferred, and modifying the setup will create noticeable changes. I score the default setup a 8.5/10.

The paint schemes for the Corvette are solid, albeit limited. There are 3 liveries available for the car, but two liveries just feature different numbers. The community has done a solid job adding some more custom schemes, but out of the box, it is limited. I score the paint schemes a 3 out of 5.

That gives us a grand total of 77.5. The car is definitely a step above rFactor 2’s in terms of graphics and sounds. However, the physics feel “simplified”, and almost too “easy” to drive. To improve the physics, as well as the damage, would bring it closer to the mid-eighties. It still is a solid car, and fun to drive in its own right, it just takes a little bit of work to make it one of the greats.

  • Car Model: 13.5/15
  • Interior: 12/15
  • Physics: 18.5/25
  • Sounds: 12.5/15
  • Damage: 9.5/15
  • Default Setup: 8.5/10
  • Paint Schemes: 3/5
  • Grand Total: 77.5/100

Lamborghini Miura P400SV

Wrapping up our Assetto Corsa Sim Car Rankings Special is the Lamborghini Miura P400SV. This is a unique third party car, because this will be the third community vehicle to be adopted as official Assetto Corsa content, following the Shelby Cobra and the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R (which is coming soon as Dream Pack content).

Kunos Simulazioni recently announced that they had obtained the Lamborghini license, and that they included the Miura as official content. This marks the second vehicle the_meco and Pankykapus have worked on to be absorbed by the sim.

Like the Cobra, the Miura is one of the most visually impressive vehicles to be made by the community. You can clearly see the work devoted to the car, especially in the interior. You can see every stitch in the leather clearly, and that is simply mind blowing. There are minor issues with shadows and reflections, but the car shines where it counts. I give both the car model and the cockpit a 14.5/15.

The physics for the car are totally different from the two previous cars, in a good way. While the other cars feel very precise and snappy, this car feels like how you’d expect a 50 year old car to act. Even though it’s a supercar, it features a heavy steering, and is still almost “boaty” at times. The car feels authentic, and is still a challenge to drive. If you treat it wrong, it will shed no tears putting you in the grass. I score the physics a 23.5/25.

The sounds were made by KitrinosKat, and he did a great job with them. The car sounds authentic, especially the howl of the 3.9L V12 engine. I even feel the sounds of this V12 beat out the sounds of the Ferrari 599, in terms of authenticity. While the interior sounds are of a good volume, the exterior faces the same pitfalls of the Corvette, with it being very silent. Hopefully the sounds for the mod will be balanced out before it is re-released as official content! I rank sounds a 13/15.

The Miura’s damage falls into the same issues as both of the cars I reviewed before it. While you do not want to damage a beautiful car such as this, mistakes happen, and this car can be damaged (Thank goodness you’re not wrecking the real thing though!). The mechanical damage is very hit or miss, with heavy impacts sometimes not even affecting the suspension. The glass can shatter all too easily, like other cars as well. I give damage a 9.5/15.

Many people may complain about the default setup for the Miura, however, they need to take one thing into consideration. This is a ROAD car, not designed for track driving. For what it is, it is a fairly driveable setup. Provided you don’t drive like a maniac, you can do a decent job of putting it where you’d like to, and can even slide it through some corners. I rank the default setup an 8/10.

The paint schemes for the car are very nice as well. The car looks good in almost any color, and a lot of the original colors were recreated for the sim. There aren’t any “racey schemes”, which I feel is a good thing. I’d like to leave that to the community, and we can enjoy the original colors this car was designed for. I give it a 4.5/5.

That gives us a grand total of 87.5! We have a new leader for our Sim Car Rankings, stealing the lead by 6.5 points! This is well deserved, with you being able to see how much work was poured into the car.

  • Car Model: 14.5/15
  • Interior: 14.5/15
  • Physics: 23.5/25
  • Sounds: 13/15
  • Damage: 9.5/15
  • Default Setup: 8/10
  • Paint Schemes: 4.5/5
  • Grand Total: 87.5/100

I hope you enjoyed this latest version of Sim Car Rankings! Which car would you like to see me take a look at? Let us know in the comments! If you liked this, please subscribe to us, so you can see the latest videos! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, so you can get the latest updates, as they happen!