Mazda 787B Final Preview for Assetto Corsa

Mazda 787B AC

Patrik Sander has been hard at work making the Mazda 787B for Assetto Corsa for the past 7 months, and he has now released what he is calling the “Final Preview”. For this last showcase before the (hopefully soon!) release, he takes the Japanese Group C race car around Spa Francorchamps.

Judging from the video, the car looks amazing, and I am very excited to check out the car once it is released. Over the months, it has become apparent this will be one of the better looking mod cars to be heading to Assetto Corsa, and it will have solid competition, in the form of the first party Sauber C9 racer.

However, I do have some uneasiness from the video, and it is NOT the fault of the modders. I feel that the FMOD sound engine that Kunos Simulazioni has put in Assetto Corsa still needs quite a bit of work. The Mazda 787B is known for its iconic howling engine note. However, in this preview video, the sounds seem “sterile” and “artificial” to an extent. It isn’t because of the sound samples, but some of the nuances. The shifting just seems too “smooth”, both in upshifts and in downshifts (as it is with all cars in AC). I am hoping that, as Assetto Corsa irons out the bugs in the sound engine, we’ll see the sounds improve in this car, and we can get the iconic Mazda quad-rotor sounds!

What are your thoughts on the Mazda 787B preview video for Assetto Corsa? Are you looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this legendary race car? Let us know in the comments below!