GameReactor Interviews Porsche


Last week, we reported that the partnership with EA and Porsche will not be renewed in 2017. Since then, we found a GameReactor interview from last month, which shed more light on the situation, namely how the German manufacturer was able to be featured in Assetto Corsa, months before the EA license ended.

Porsche ACOne thing worth mentioning is that Porsche’s partnership with Kunos Simulazioni extended further back than we expected. Sebastian Hornung (Porsche) and Marco Massarutto (Kunos Simulazioni) have been talking together since 2013, and were at first partnered together to create software for the “Porsche Experience” in Southern California. Now, three years after they first got in contact, we have them in Assetto Corsa!

In addition, Sebastian has stated that Assetto Corsa Pro is being used as the simulation of choice for their Porsche racing teams around the world. In return, Porsche supplied Kunos with a wealth of data to help get the cars to the realistic standard that we’ve come to expect from Assetto Corsa. It’s awesome seeing these partnerships come together, and I’m excited to see how it works out in the future.

15123217_10207563825007687_2077769064789995794_oAt the end of the interview, we also heard some statements that were similar to what was said in the SpeedManiacs interview featured last week. In this interview, Sebastian says:

“…of course there are other publishers and other platforms we also will work together with to provide our community in every possible way…”

Lastly, Sebastian teased the possibility of having an official Porsche e-sports racing team, which would be interesting to see. Given the German marquee’s racing pedigree, seeing them transfer over to the virtual world could be a massive testament to the fidelity of the sim racing world.

What are your thoughts on this new interview? Do you think it would be interesting to see an official Porsche e-sports racing team?  Let us know in the comments!