Catalunya Coming to Assetto Corsa


While the Assetto Corsa Facebook page has been largely silent the past month, Marco Massarutto, Kunos Simulazioni’s Licensing Manager, has been giving us a steady trickle of news. He teased a Ferrari V12 engine, and now he’s showing off another track coming to Assetto Corsa. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was recently scanned by the Assetto Corsa track team, and will be making it to the sim in the upcoming future.

AC Catalunya

One thing that strikes me as interesting is that these Catalunya on-site photos show us how different Kunos Simulazioni’s laser-scanning process is, compared to that of iRacing. iRacing uses a stationary laser-scanning process, which is much more time consuming (it took around 2 weeks I believe for them to scan Circuit Gilles Villeneuve). However, it appears Kunos is using a mobile scanning vehicle, which appears to have captured the entire Catalunya GP circuit in a matter of days. It would be interesting two hear how the two differing technologies compare, in terms of track accuracy and speed.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is one of the premier circuits in Spain, and has hosted the Spanish Grand Prix since 1991. The racetrack has also hosted other iconic venues, such as the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, and is a regular home to the MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix. The track is a very technical circuit, which makes it a prime location for testing as well.

Are you looking forward to seeing Catalunya coming to Assetto Corsa? Which track would you like to see? Let us know!