Assetto Corsa – 2017 Car Previews!

Assetto Corsa Audi LMP1

A new batch of preview content for Assetto Corsa has been revealed, showing off some exciting new cars! This all of the cars featured in this article are slated for release in 2017, and we have an exciting list!

Kicking off the list, we have four Audi cars, that will bolster the German manufacturer’s listings in the sim:

  • Audi R8 LMS (2015+ Version)
  • Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro LMP1
  • Audi S1 Group B Quattro
  • Autti TT-RS Race Car

Now, I think the Audi TT-RS race car hasn’t been mentioned as much for Assetto Corsa, but it is definitely an interesting race car. The race car features 380 horsepower, and 390 ft-lbs of torque. That would be just fine with a road-going Audi TT-RS, which has an AWD drivetrain. However, when you factor in that Audi decided to go with a FWD system in the race car…

Holy Torque Steer, Batman!
I am expecting this to be the case when I first test out the TT-RS Race Car…

In addition to the Audi offerings, we have six more cars teased!

  • The Porsche 911 RSR 2017, which was initially going to be released with the Porsche Pack 3 DLC, was pushed back to later this year. That should be coming out soon.
  • The Mazda 787B, one of the legendary Group C Prototypes, was originally developed as a Third Party mod by Patrik Sander (with the howling sounds made by elMariachi90). Kunos secured the rights to the car, and are featuring the car as first party content!
  • The Lotus 3-Eleven is coming to the sim soon. While many are saying Assetto Corsa is over-saturated with Lotuses (Lotii?), I think this will be a fun car to drive!
  • The Toyota TS040 will be another LMP1 race car to make its way over to the sim. It appears that this will be the 2014 variant of the race car, so it’s uncertain how it will balance with the 2015/2016 Porsche 919 Race Car, and the Audi R18 E-Tron.
  • The Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 will also be coming, a legendary rally car showcasing a new era in Rally racing. The car was one of the first Japanese rally cars to do well in WRC competition, which then ushered manufacturers such as Subaru and Mitsubishi to join in.
  • The Mazda Miata NA rounds off the cars shown off in this batch. The car is regarded to as the quintessential roadster, for the perfect driving experience. Fun Fact: my 6’7″ grandfather bought a first generation Mazda Miata NA in 1989, two years before he died. According to my family, it was a pretty funny sight!

In addition to this list of cars, we had a very special tease from Marco Massarutto:

This mystery car was revealed to be the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, which will be released as part of an upcoming Italian focused DLC package. This is a piece of automotive history, and it will be a blast to drive this in AC!

What car are you most excited to drive in Assetto Corsa in 2017? Let us know!